A 15 year globally recognized brand offering high-quality products to the European and American markets

The award comes as a recognition of ORGANO’s efforts to achieve total transparency in the production of its products. ORGANO has always been committed to provide its consumers with the highest quality natural products in the world and with our ORGANO Products Trust program, our consumers can trace the ingredients of most of our products: see where the coffee beans come from when they were packaged and shipped. This step of the process was instrumental in achieving this award.

該獎項是對 ORGANO 盡力展現其產品生產透明度的認可。 ORGANO 一直致力為消費者提供世界上最優質的產品,通過ORGANO Products Trust 計劃,我們的消費者可以追踪ORGANO大部份產品的成分:查看咖啡豆的包裝和來源。這計劃有助於獲得該獎項。

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